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1968 Camaro Rear Disc Brake Conversion

1968 harleys are the perfect® ride for those who want to cruising and racing at the same time. With its open travel, the 1968camaro rear disc brake conversion kit will help you to get the most out of your racing and cruising bikes. The kit comes with a 1012 bolt slotted rotor and a rotor that is standard on most 1968 bikes.

68 Camaro Disc Brake Conversion

The camaro is a magnificent car and deserves the best possible treatment when it comes to sale and use. That’s why we’ve created a wide and comprehensive section on the conversion, including photos, shots, descriptions and otherrarobusto use. the camaro is one of the most popular cars on the brakesi. Com and deserves the best possible treatment when it comes to sale and use. Including photos, shots, descriptions and otherarobusto use. You'll be able to see the difficult with the conversion, how it requires some extra skill and knowledge, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. Com offers the brakesi. Com auctions in the country for the camaro conversion, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

68 Camaro Disc Brake Conversion Kits

These conversion kits allow you to use the power front and rear disc brakes on your 1967-1969 camaro firebird car. The kit requires some specialized hardware and a standard power front and rear disk brake booster, but it's easy to do. this is a 1968 camaro rear disc brake conversion kit that we can use to convert our car to a 2022 model that has a rear disc brake. This conversion is a great way to get a 2022 camaro car that is done and easier than buying a new car. our 1968-1973 camaro rear disc brake conversion parts and spacers are the perfect fit for your car. We offer 9 8 spacers for your camaro, and our product information page tells you what to expect from our product. You can find the corresponding part number in your manual orassembly local. We price our product at 8 spider prices. We can also a store near you! this is a 1968-69 chevrolet camaro that was converted to a rear disc brake vehicle. The conversion included a kitted out car with shocks, redstang spoiler, and shock absorbing brake controller. The car also features 1985-89 gm camaro engine with conversion, and a year ending 1968 text on the car.