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22mm Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever Protector

This 22mm motorcycle brake clutch lever protector bar endbrake clutch has a black color. It is made of 78 cnc prohibitive bar end brake clutch protecter. It has a large protectant pocket for your lever.

22mm Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever Protector Walmart

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Cheap 22mm Motorcycle Brake Clutch Lever Protector

This is a great protector for your brake lever if you are using a 78mm-ekimotor or 78mm-yekimotor bike. It protects the lever from damage and helps to keep it from moving on the bike. this is a protector for the brake levers on a motorcycle scooter. It is 22mm long, grade 0, and has a protectant in a circular shape. The protectant is made of a materials such as plastic or metal and it is effective in keeping the lever from getting scratchy and nicked. this is a promotion for the 22mm motorcycle brake clutch lever protectors. They are a great way to protect your equipment from damage and protect yourrake. Theguards come in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to find the right one for your needs. this protecteur de clutte est fixé sur le potence et protecteur du clarté de la montre et est en 22mm de long. It has a handguard type cover and a protector for the mirror-type clartre.